James A. Bain, Ph.D


Cheng-Ming Chow

PhD 2020

"Gapped Near Field Transducer Design and Performance for Heat Assisted
Magnetic Recording"

Darsha Gala

PhD 2020

"Electronic Properties and Carrier Transport in Oxides and Chalcogenides for Resistive Switching Devices"

Hongliang Liang

PhD, 2018

"Integrated HAMR Light Delivery System via High Q Resonators"

Abhishek Sharma

PhD, 2016 (Co-advisor: J. Weldon)

"S-type Negative Differential Resistance: Memory and Oscillators for Next-Generation Computation."

Gregory Slovin

PhD, 2016 (Co-advisor: T.E. Schlesinger)

"Four-Terminal RF Phase Change Switches: Design, Optimization and Fabrication."

Weihua Hu

PhD, 2012 (Phys, co-advisor: D. Ricketts)

Eng Keong Chua

PhD, 2011 (Co-advisor: T.E. Schlesinger)

Eric Black

PhD, 2010 (Co-advisor: T.E. Schlesinger)

Brian Knight

PhD, 2007 (Co-advisor: T.E. Schlesinger)

Shingo Tamaru

PhD, 2005 (Co-advisor: M. Kryder)

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