James A. Bain, Ph.D


Abhishek Sharma

PhD, 2016 (Co-advisor: J. Weldon)

"S-type Negative Differential Resistance: Memory and Oscillators for Next-Generation Computation."

Gregory Slovin

PhD, 2016 (Co-advisor: T.E. Schlesinger)

"Four-Terminal RF Phase Change Switches: Design, Optimization and Fabrication."

Weihua Hu

PhD, 2012 (Phys, co-advisor: D. Ricketts)

Eng Keong Chua

PhD, 2011 (Co-advisor: T.E. Schlesinger)

Eric Black

PhD, 2010 (Co-advisor: T.E. Schlesinger)

Brian Knight

PhD, 2007 (Co-advisor: T.E. Schlesinger)

Shingo Tamaru

PhD, 2005 (Co-advisor: M. Kryder)

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